Wednesday 5 September 2018

Verification: AT2018ftn (GSNST 2018-ad)

AT2018ftn (GSNST018-ad), Type unknown
Discovered 2018-09-04.401 by GSNST, mag 17.29 at discovery
R.A. = 01h25m17s.870, Decl. = +09°39'00".06

Observer: Cedric Raguenaud, SW France, GSNST
Not visible. Note the coordinates aren't clear: LSPM J0125+0939 (high proper motion) is reported 01:25:17.57 +09:39:03.20 in SIMBAD but is visible at 01:25:17.95 +09:39:00.0. The candidate's location is 01:25:17.457 +09:39:05.33, which is extremely close to LSPM J0125+0939's official location.
0.25m/f4 reflector + CCMOS 0.5"/pixel
6x300s, bin 1x1

More observation might be required.

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