Wednesday 19 September 2018

Observation: AT2018glx

AT2018glx, Type unknown
Discovered 2018-09-12.458 by Gaia, mag 18.19 at discovery
R.A. = 23h07m39s.812, Decl. = +42°18'51".95

Observer: Cedric Raguenaud, SW France, GSNST
Approx mag 19.57CV ±0.03, ZP=29.392mag
Note: the coordinates are that of Gaia DR2 1930770116620267136 which is reported at mag 19.21g. Given the difference ni mag compared to discovery and the existing object's mag, it's doubtful anything other than the pre-existing object is visible.
0.25m/f4 reflector + CCMOS, 0.5"/pixel
6x300s, bin 1x1

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